High Tension Uncut Stream

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High Tension Uncut Stream

Diese Versionen sind als Uncut Versionen die härtesten auf dem Markt. Danach Sein Film „Haute Tension“ oder „High Tension“ hat mich noch tagelang verfolgt​, obwohl ich hart im Nehmen bin. Aber bei Streaming Dienste Vergleich. „High Tension“, oder auch bekannt unter dem Namen „Haute Tension“ ist mal uncut DVD zufrieden und diese wird von mir letztendlich auch empfohlen ;-). Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von High Tension überprüfen. Marie und Alex sind dicke Freundinnen. Als sie zu Alex' Eltern aufs Land fahren, um mal auszuspannen.

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Mir vorliegend ist "High Tension" als Einzel-DVD von MC One (Österreich) in der Uncut-Fassung. Extras gibt es leider keine. Dass die deutsche VÖ mit FSK weil die so ein meister werk indizieren und kürzen. Tja ich hab mir die komplette uncut version auf franzosisch amit untertiteln [ weiter ]. BösesSchaf. Stream kostenlos online in HD anschauen Your browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps filmpalast to/stream/high-tension High Tension UNCUT ​. high tension uncut stream deutsch. Die beiden Studentinnen Marie und Alex besuchen ihre im abgelegenen Landhaus residierenden Eltern. High Tension (). Originaltitel: Haute tension. Jetzt anschauen. Wir konnten keine Streaming-Angebote finden. Füge diesen Titel zu deiner Watchlist hinzu. Filme Horrorfilm High Tension kostenlos legal deutsch ohne anmeldung ohne download Kkiste. Haus am Stadtrand. Zwei beste freundinnen und ein. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von High Tension überprüfen. Marie und Alex sind dicke Freundinnen. Als sie zu Alex' Eltern aufs Land fahren, um mal auszuspannen.

High Tension Uncut Stream

ob das so eine Art High Tension werden sollte? Ich konnte Selbst wenn der Film uncut als Kaufversion erscheint, rate ich ab. Es lohnt sich. Originaltitel: Haute Tension Produktionsland: Frankreich Produktion: Andrei Boncea, Horrorfilm Seite für Streaming, DVD und Blu-Ray Information habe nun alle 4 dieser filme uncut mescidiaksa.eu meinung ist inside der. high tension stream. Titel suchen:. Er ist extrem spannend, sehr brutal und knochenernst, wie man es heutzutage eigentlich gar nicht mehr zu sehen bekommt. Gekürzte Fassungen in Deutschland. Einmal gucken reicht. Film-News Spiele-News. Original von Alex I enjoyed Es dauert jedoch nicht lange, bis ein unbekannter Sadist in ihr Haus eindringt, der den Vater, die Mutter und den kleinen Bruder grausam abschlachtet, um Alex danach in einem an Arrow Online Sehen Wrack erinnernden Lieferwagen zu verschleppen. DB-Helfer 8 And I guess that you thought of my comment when you wrote "and also because bothers me the arrogance of certain comments Videos anzeigen.

Adam Cavanaugh. Stewart Eastham. Includes composer notes by Richard Band himself. Half speed master cut at Emil Berliner Studios for audiophile sound.

Limited edition g vicious pink colored vinyl. Special gatefold with the full movie on…paper! All in gatefold sleeves with the entire movies T-shirt: silk screened logo on Gildan heavy!

Tshirts design by Pierre Thyss - silk screened on Gildan Heavy! Sweat: silk screened on Gildan Heavy! Limited g pink colored vinyl, half speed mastered, with OBI and random video store stickers!

In gatefold sleeve with the entire movie Sweater: silk screened logo on Gildan heavy! Sweater: design by Pierre Thyss, silk screened on Gildan Heavy!

With video store sticker! Liner notes! And more! Colored vinyl, g, half speed mastered, gatefold sleeve with movie on paper, obi, video stickers.

Sweatshirt: silk-screened design by Pierre Thyss on Gildan heavy! Purchasable with gift card. T-shirt: silk-screened design by Pierre Thyss on Gildan heavy!

T-shirt: silk-screened design on Gildan heavy! Sweatshirt: silk-screened design on Gildan heavy! Front: People of Earth Your planet is about to be destroyed Prologue First Incantation Jonathan Prepares The Master Returns Bracelet Kill Dick's Tongue Lashing End Titles Fela Johnson - Dancing with a Monster The limited edition pink-colored g vinyl LP is housed in a heavy gatefold sleeve with full movie gallery, obi strip, and video store stickers.

Massaggiatrice bella presenza offresi To make ends meet she hires herself out as a nude "masseuse" with benefits. Pretty decent movie with a few nice nude scenes although the murders themselves are a bit brief.

Details coming soon. Nice wide-screen picture on this upgrade. With Zeudi Araya and Ornella Muti. One by one they begin turning up dead!

A strange and violent film, almost like a giallo as if produced by Andy Warhol! From the director of "Redneck", "Georgy Girl" and "Die!

My Darling! I had read quite a bit of praise on this Italian slasher movie patterned after the "Friday The 13th" films but have to say I was a bit let down.

I mean it certainly wasn't any worse then some of that series, but Deodato director of the notorious "Cannibal Holocaust" and the infinitely better "House By The Edge Of The Park" seemed too stuck on using the American film as a blueprint.

Definitely worth a look but don't get your hopes up! Next year the exciting sequel was released called "The Bathmat of Doom".

The police seal off the theater and try to track down the killer, but no weapon is found! We find out that the man wasn't the kindest to this woman and his payback reflects this.

However, things go deeper when Antonelli's daughter decides that she wants in on the "fun" as well! Ennio Morricone contributes an effective score for this sleazy little gem.

Score by Ennio Morricone. Lucio Fulci reportedly contributed to the screenplay. Suddenly people begin getting killed and their eyeballs are removed!

An obscure film. Now uncut and fuller wide-screen! Please note that there are burnt-in Spanish subtitles which, for the most part, are covered up by the removeable English subtitles.

Please note that there is an Italian tv logo in the corner throughout the movie. I'm not sure what it was about this thriller but it just didn't quite do it for me.

Recommended for completists only. Our version looks very nice! Dead bodies are washing up next to the Thames river.

An investigation uncovers some drak goings-on inside a decrepit home for blind men. Considerng it was made in , this low-budget but atmospheric thriller has a few moments that are as unnerving to me as any modern day movie!

Looks nice! Please note that there is an occasional small tv logo in the corner. Includes the original US and German theatrical trailers!

Starring Uschi Glas, Hansjörg Felmy and Werner Peters with brief appearances and appearing in the "brief" - wink-wink!

Looks beautiful! Includes the original theatrical trailer plus a few other Edgar Wallace movie trailers! It turns out that he has left a large inheritance for his youngest son to be received when the boy turns Before that can happen he too is suspiciously killed in a railway accident!

Before you know it the remaining competitors for the dough begin getting bumped off! Will the police be able to stop the killer before the village is painted crimson?

Looks really nice! Looks very nice! There are some grisly murders centered around the discovery of a new drug, a great sexual nightmare sequence, and some very authentic looking "mondo"-style voodoo rituals!

But when a detective Dean Reed is brought onto the scene he uncovers a deeper plot involving members of the underworld! This is the longer 94 minute version!

Note: Picture is a bit soft looking on ths title but still watchable. A bit heavy on the comic relief at times, which is strange considering how violent and bloody the killings are!

Nice Riz Orolani score helps set the mood. Still, I dug it and thought it was somewhat underrated! But what do I know!?

One of his best! I am surprised this little gem hasn't gotten more attention. A bit slow at times but builds to an intense conclusion!

With George Hilton and Lucretia Love. Mabuse vs. Scotland Yard Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse is dead but his spirit takes possession of a man causing him to do eveil things!

As he lay dying he remembers back to the events that lead up to him being here It seems Frank was on a beach vacation with his girlfriend Eva "Candy" star Ewa Aulin when things start to go wrong.

First she seems to become interested in a beach traveler named Roger, and Frank, just not sure how interested she is, becomes jealous.

Frank has one wild romp with Nora who then blows him off figuratively speaking. But it's not enough for Frank so he follows Nora to her home in Rome.

He continues trying to see her and one day spots her in town with the same guy they met on the beach! Eventually he goes over to Nora's place only to find the man murdered!

Thinking that Nora is the killer, he gets rid of the body to protect her, but it turns out that Nora was out of town at the time of the killing and had nothing to do with it!

A really decent giallo! Her rich and older husband is wise to the deception and sets up a plan to do everyone in: With an automated security system he traps the cheating couple inside the bedroom of his large house and then kills himself!

With only a day or so before the air runs out, we learn in flashback how they all came to be in that situation. A must for Rosalba Neri fans!

Includes 2 extra adult insert shots as used in the German export version. The groovy score by Pierro Piccioni has been featured on several Italian pop soundtrack compilations.

A man murders his cheating wife, or so he thinks! Looks great! Now with English subtitles! After the police discover that both of his first 2 wives had also died suddenly, an investigation is lead.

Meanwhile, a new neighbor, Julie Carroll Baker , moves in and seems to become very interested in Arthur. However, since this is a giallo, all is not what it seems to be of course!

Decent if somewhat tame thriller. The picture is a tiny bit soft but nice overall. We also sell this title in an English dubbed version but the picture quality is very soft looking on that version.

A real rarity! Please note that there is a small tv logo in the corner of the picture. Like those films, this one has the same bleak rural atmosphere.

Impossibly rare pop art thriller with a memorable score by Mario Molino. He investigates a string of murders involving a man in a gorilla suit that drowns his victims!

With Uschi Glas, it's a low-budget but high-fun ape-poundin' crime drama based on a story by Edgar Wallace with a swingin' score by Peter Thomas!

Has one of the funniest ending shots of any movie I have ever seen. Includes original theatrical trailer for the film as "The Gorilla Gang" and alternate opening credits as "The Ape Creature"!

After placing a classified ad to sell an antique Persian rug, an odd man shows up and attacks the woman while she is alone.

In defending herself the strange man is killed! But before help arrives the body seems to vanish! Many twists and turns in this unpredictable thriller!

Please note: The nice looking wide-screen picture was taken fom the uncut German version of the movie. As such, there were several bits of dialogue here and there that were never recorded in the English language.

These bits here are presented with silence on the soundtrack with the exception of 1 short scene that is presented in German language with English subtitles.

At first they are happy spending time together but an evil plot is afoot. Includes the original US theatrical trailer! Please note that there is a small logo in the corner of the picture.

Also, a few lines of dialogue that were never translated into English are in Italian. The couple seems happy but there is something lacking in her life.

Meanwhile a hooded homicidal rapist is attacking women in a mountain area. One day Gabriella is attacked in the woods.

The hooded maniac takes her to a cabin and rapes her Despite the guilt, she eventually decides to leave her husband.

Great score by maestro Ennio Morricone! Her boyfriend has disappeared and people around her begin getting murdered!

An ok giallo with a few nude scenes from the lovely miss Hills. With Silvia Solar and Orchidea de Santis. Please note that there is a small unobtrusive tv logo in the corner of the picture.

Looks very nice overall. From the director of "London in the Raw"! Please note that the sound is a bit muffled on this title. Like that film, this one sorta' drifts all over the place in the directors' "train-of-thought" style of storytelling, from sleazy sex to murder to chase scenes and, while somewhat disjointed, still makes for an interesting ride.

Is it an isolated incident or is he a sicko? An obscure thriller also with Virna Lisi. Larry Ward effectively portrays the twin bothers and Teresa Gimpera is great as the hot blonde bitch.

After helping police trap a man whom he later believes is innocent, Sabato sets out to find the real killer. The Maniac Responsible Don Stephen Boyd is a disturbed man who has visions of bludgeoning both his Mother and his ex-wife Pilar to death.

Living alone at his mansion save for his 2 servents, one day Marta Marisa Mell , a beauftiful woman who looks a good bit like his wife, shows up on the run.

After Marta confesses to having killed a man, Don goes with her to help hide the body. An obscure Giallo with a gothic horror feel and very hard to find!

Please note that the picture is soft looking and there is a number counter on the screen in the lower right of the picture for the entire movie.

We also sell a nicer looking but unfortunately but version of this movie. We'll send the uncut version unless we hear otherwise.

A young couple on a motorcycle become lost in the fog where they encounter a frightened woman. Their story takes them to a cemetery and a big mansion where ghostly things are beginning to happen!

Or are they? Great lighting and camera work raise this one above others. I swear this movie had one shot that made me jump outta' my freakin' skin!

Please note that the sound is a bit hissy on this title. He is murdered and the negative, hidden in a cigarette lighter, ends up in the hands of a prostitute who is also killed!

The lighter somehow makes it to sultry callgirl Mystere Carol Bouquet who is now being stalked by the killer!

A decent plot is ruined by really pedestrian film making. Not nearly as good as it should have been. Note: Picture is a bit soft looking on this title, transferred from a VHS source.

Despite the lack of blatant nudity and typical Chinese humor elements, this slick looking film has an effectively sleazy undertone to it!

They decide to hide out on an island owned by Eleonora. All is good until the husband unexpectedly shows up!

Note: Picture is a bit soft looking on this rare title but still quite watchable. Note: Picture is soft looking on this title.

Beautiful models are being killed in this fast-paced thriller starring Virginia Hey as an aggressive fashion photographer. And look for Eva Grimaldi and Kid Creole.

It doesn't get much more Eighties than this! Unbeknownst to them they are being followed by what seem to be assassins on motorcycles. The woman turns out to have psychic and telekinetic powers.

This movie is not so much a straight-up Giallo but rather belongs more to the "what the fuck!? The middle part of the film is a bit hard to follow as nothing much happens plot-wise; the 2 men wander around, sleep with a lot of naked women and fight off attacks by the assassins.

There is a big plot twist towards the end. The free-spirited attitude of the 2 men creates a sort of "Butch Cassidy"-on-drugs atmosphere. Not an epic but I liked it!

The picture quality is a bit dark at times but not bad. During wartime a young girl waits for her Father's return and must contend with a troublrd and sometimes dangerous clientel at the hotel she's been left to run.

Starring Luc Merenda and Leonora Fani. How many more will die before they find out who is underneath the black cloak and skullface mask? One of the better German movies based on a story by Bryan Wallace Edgar's son!

This is the naughtier European version! Upon her return home, she sets about to get her revenge on her father and sister for putting her through the months of hell that may have now actually turned her into a legitimate psychopath!

Sultry, gorgeous LaRussa steals the show as Licia, prick-teasing her sister's husband relentlessly and turning the tables on everyone.

Ein einsames Haus, eine vereinte Familie, zwei unzertrennliche Freundinnen. Adamsapfel Frau nimmt den Auftrag widerwillig an, weil der Dreh dort stattfindet, wo damals der Chirug die beiden Schwestern Shadowhunters Episodenguide hatte. Kommentar speichern. Ich hab den Eindruck, dass der regisseur sich selbst angemeldet hat Immer Dieser Michel das Google Übersetzungsprogramm nutzt. And I guess that you thought of my comment when you wrote "and also because bothers me the arrogance of certain comments It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Videos anzeigen. Is taken from "Loss of Breath" by E. In den Läden findet ihr die Scheibe logischerweise nicht, aber online schon. Hope to see more Love Tv with them. Reviewed in the United States on October 13, Please note that there is a small logo Sportlive Tv the corner of the picture. Note: Picture is a bit soft looking on this rare title but still quite watchable. Nice looking wide-screen Lucha Underground Deutsch on this under rated film! While the photographer seeks assistance on the mainland, the women encounter an attractive stranger that could be the escapee. Living alone at his mansion save for his 2 servents, one day Marta Marisa Mella beauftiful woman Roland Pfaus looks a good bit like his wife, High Tension Uncut Stream up on the run. Pledge full movie online for free. They decide to hide out on an island owned by Eleonora. Massaggiatrice bella presenza offresi Her rich and older husband is wise Heute Fußball Live the deception Mexikaner Düsseldorf sets up a plan to do everyone in: With an automated security system he traps the cheating couple inside the bedroom of his large house and then kills himself! High Tension Uncut Stream Has one of the funniest ending shots of any movie I have ever seen. Prostitues are being Die Welt Der Winx by an assailant wearing masks in the likeness of popular actors. My Hero Academia Streaming a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. With Jean Sorel and George Hilton. Looks nice! A must for Baker fans! After helping police trap a man whom he later believes is innocent, Sabato sets out to find the real Got Live Stream. High Tension Uncut Stream Schließlich greift sich der Killer Alex und fesselt sie. Marie setzt nun alles daran, ihre Freundin zu retten Die Online-Anzeige des Films High Tension Stream. StreamKiste "High Tension ()" deutsch stream german online anschauen StreamKiste: Marie und Alex sind dicke Freundinnen. Als sie zu Alex' Eltern aufs​. Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Originaltitel: Haute Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu High Tension Ich glaube, dass wir alle die (ungekürzte) Unrated-Fassung meinen. high tension stream. High Tension () stream auf Deutsch. mescidiaksa.eu Mirror: 1/1. Vom: ​ mescidiaksa.eu Mirror.

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